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Spider-Man Tie in with my HULK series

I think its a good idea. LoL. Im not sure how im going to tie it in exactly. But there is an idea i had for Spidey and Hulks daughter Lyra the 2nd She Hulk. Im a nerd when it comes to Hulk and Spidey. You see, i wanted to make a new MARVEL SERIES. With the stories connected. Like in my spidey sereis, it will show spidey in a hulk event. But... this and the hulk series is based a lot of the comics. And to the others, im not much of a nerd of.

BUT i degress. Do you think its a good idea? Let me know. And if you have anyother ideas let me know. And yes i will have deadpool. BUT im afraid to have him in because if i mess him up, i'll be hated by fans everywhere lol. But i decided to take my time.

So i will also be making a hulk series. And me and niko will work on this series.

Leave a comment please.

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