• Well 5 weeks left of summer break for me LOL, I figured I might as well let you know. Since It was summer, I was hopping we would have more time together, but hey, it was a good summer :3. And a good Birthday too!! I hope you don't feel guilty by me putting up this message, of course I miss you and of course I wanted you to be there at my birthday, but I know you wanted to be there for me too but you probably couldn't. But that's okay, just seeing you soon will be worth it :3 , and I knew you would probably be busy so It wasn't a hard blow. Well, at least I have you in my thoughts :3. I wish I had a better mind to message you more to keep you updated, I'm still having trouble with remembering, but It's all good. Hope everything is okay. I wish I knew how you spent your summer, I hope it was fun too :3 . I mean, considering things, I hope it was more fun than not! Hope to see you soon!! Forever Yours, You know :3 .

    BTW, mama is trying to get me to get a job and a drivers permit XD I'm 16 and have no permit. Well honestly, I'm making a lot of money on chores alone ;) . This Mexican Lazy knows how to work when he needs to! Huh-Hah!! :3 <3

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