This series was started In Feb 8, 2011. When Stan wanted to build a wiki about his spider stories scince no one else seemed to be interested, He decided to gain help by his number one wiki buddy, Niko Banks. They both decieded to start the series. Niko was always supportive of stan's fan fics, and has created some of his own great fan fics. So it was only fitting that they'd both work on the series.

Devlopment Edit

This new series of spider-man is quite diffrent from other spider-man films or fan fics. In this stan and niko has reduced peter younger to the age 14. This is so the chacter is a bit more relatable while he's going through stuff like hormons while also trying to balance his hero life, this also gives stan an atvangtage considering he is 14 years old. The series will also feature the hulks daughter Lyra aka the Savage She Hulk, her role is not confirmed yet. The series will also feature new adventrues with orignal matter and a brand new onlook of spider-man. It will show Spider-man as he grows older and his life. This series is also a bit more about peter parker then spider-man, it mostly gives the reader the feeling that you are right there on peter parkers shoulder. And how he treids to live a normal life while still being Spider-Man. Edit


This is what the cast would be if it was live action or animated Spider-Man/Peter Parker - Andrew Garfeild