Gwen Stacy is one of the Smartest Teenagers in Midtown High, as well as being one of the most beatiful. But don't let her looks trick you, she is a smart and independant woman who dosn't date the guys with a ego thats bigger than their brain. She is also one of Peter's Best freinds and truthfully have a bit of a crush on Peter. Her father is the Police Caption of NY, and is a well respected man. 

Gwen Stacy


Gwen Stacy





History Edit

Gwen was born and raised in Forest Hills, Queens. She is the Daughter of George Stacy, caption of the NYPD. This sometimes brings attention to her which she rather would not have. She felt she was hanged on the respect of her father, for a period of time. Being raised by a trained cop had its moments she will admit, as being trained self defense by her dad so she wouldnt get in any trouble, NY is a big city with a load of dirty thugs, its best to keep safe. Gwen had a small amount of freinds, atleast, freinds that were actully nice. 

In JR. High she met a boy named Peter Parker, who she later became great freinds with. Peter and Gwen had alot in common, the two were both fighting for top of the class. Now and than the both freinds have a freindly challange on who is smarter, but otherwise it's nice to have someone who understood her.